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About us

Dolford Food Manufacturing Co. Ltd., established in 2010, is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of traditional Chinese flavor-based products. It is gradually gearing up for the demands of the Singapore Chinese food sector for new bean products. The company combines production, packaging and logistics; regularly designating personnel to gather market information, customer feedback and carry out analyses, in order to constantly improve, with the goal of ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Currently the company has 22 employees at the moment, including the backbone of three technical staff and seven people in management. The company is set up on a departmental basis, including Operations Management, Production Technology, Quality Management, and so on. The company already has a number of modern production lines, with the average daily output of dried tofu, Hakka Tofu/North Tofu, vegetarian chicken and a variety of flavored beans being about 1ton. It has introduced modern production technologies, and carries out continuous research and development of new products for the market to meet the customer demands for a ‘green food’ concept for health and lifestyle; and at the same time providing more original taste choices.

Currently, the company uses a complete set of advanced food processing equipment. The mastery of, and leadership in, the professional production of soybean products, combined with international standards, advanced processing technology, the strict implementation of the ISO international quality system in every link of the operation from the moment raw materials enter the factory to the exit of the final products, coupled with the choice of imported high-quality soybeans, modern equipment and rigorous science and technology in the creation of the bean food products, lay a solid foundation for quality. Once products have been launched into the market and have been used by customers, they have been heavily praised and received much recognition.

The company adheres to the motto of "because of the focus, it is professional, because of the integrity, it is successful". The production and management philosophy has always been to follow "people-oriented" principles from top to bottom to improve the leadership and staff management and to create a modern, caring management system to expand market share. Customer feedback is constantly used to understand and improve the products to gain long-term business development.

Services include:
  1. Taking orders for and providing custom made products;
  2. Providing strip cut products as well as in individual packaging.;
  3. Providing consumption methods for food products;
  4. Providing product logistics and distribution;
Please note all products should be booked at least one working day in advance.

The benefits of soybeans

  1. Prevention of osteoporosis: The main component of human bones is calcium in the form of inorganic salts, and the main cause of osteoporosis is the lack of calcium; soy products are rich in calcium and a certain amount of vitamin D. The combination of the two can effectively prevent osteoporosis.
  2. Improve immunity: At different ages and different physiological conditions, the human body has different nutritional requirements. In order to improve bodies’ immunity they need a reasonable mix of meals to obtain balanced nutrition; soy products are rich in lysine, unsaturated acids, starch, sucrose and a variety of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Prevention of Constipation: Constipation is caused by slow bowel movements, food residues staying in the intestine too long and too much absorption of water from food in the intestines; after a while, intestinal toxins are absorbed by the body, which can be a cause of colon cancer. Soya beans help provide adequate nutrients for the intestine, and thus the prevention and treatment of constipation, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, colon cancer and so have a positive effect.
  4. Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease: Factors leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases include a high fat diet, obesity, high blood lipids and high blood pressure. Soybean products contain soy sterols and unsaturated fatty acids, which have good anti-lipid effects, moreover with its low calorific value it can effectively help reduce weight. Effective intake of Enzymatic hydrolysis of soybeans can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the obese and the elderly.
  5. Slimming effect: The fat content in soybeans is very low; only half the carbohydrates are absorbed. When obese people eat it, they not only feel satiated but the calories are lower than other foods, and it is therefore conducive to weight loss.
  6. Slowing menopause: Soy products are rich in estrogen, vitamin E and the necessary brain and liver phospholipids, which have significant effects on anti-aging and the improvement of menopausal symptoms in women.
  7. Soybean foods can also have an effect on the treatment of diseases. Soy products contain high-quality proteins, lysine and methionine and are the only animal proteins that can replace plant-based foods. However people with kidney diseases such as acute nephritic syndrome, nephritis, renal failure, as well as gout and some skin diseases shouldn't take too much of this food.

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